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Wednesday, February 10, 2010
Competition Time! - 'Spooktacular Night'

The junior writing group, who meet regularly on Saturday mornings in Costa Teguise, have recently finished an unusual writing project. All the members collaborated in producing one story under the 'working title' of 'Spooktacular Night'.
What we have not agreed on is a final title and we want you to read the story and send in your suggestions.
The sender of the best suggestion will win a book token redeemable at the Book Shop in Costa Teguise.
Entries to The Gazette by the end of March 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010

Spooktacular Night

Collaborative Story: Halloween Spooktacular Night


"Tonight's the night!" I thought "Halloween!" Me and the guys are gonna break out of here, and I'm gonna have the time of my life. Here's the plan:
Get out of the barracks, paint the lenses of all the cameras, beat the guards we find into unconsciousness (or further, heh heh) get out beneath the fences and then meet up with
the whores, and by whores I mean the girls of the camp.
Locke was worried that we'd get caught by the counsellors, but he was a bitch, so we'd just beat him up along with the guards (after he opened any locks we found) 'cos that's how he got his nickname, for being good with lock picking. I don't have a nickname, just Jackie Jeems. After my first day, what, six years ago? I got called "HATS", 'cos that f****** stupid tattoo artist (my father) made a spelling mistake, so my knuckles say that I "LOVE HATS". So whoever called me Hats, I did what I did to my dad. I then got the name "Gut Stab". I didn't like that either, so I became "Eye Gouger". After attacking ten kids they got the message, and I was just Jackie Jeems, Jackie to those who call themselves my "friends".


As I pulled on Jenny’s black shorts, already you could feel the excitement in the dormitory. Every girl in the room was putting on their costume in the dark, passing around one only torch and in silence.
Waiting patiently for my turn, I laced up my All Stars, that each time I put them on, reminded me of the good times. Pushing the thoughts away so as not to smudge my mascara, I waited till Lorna, the young girl at my right, had finished with the torch. She was combing her silky blond hair. I have to say, her costume as a corpse was pretty cool, not that I would ever tell her that. When she had finished, I held my hand out to reach, but she decided she was bored and it was fun to play about with me. She and Penny played piggy in the middle until Jo snatched it off of them and gave it to me. Bitches, I thought. There was only three minutes to start our plan. Quickly, I brushed my short muddy brown hair with my fingers and glanced in the mirror to see what I was wearing. Black T-shirt, black shorts and my black All-Stars. Not much of a costume, but I couldn’t care less. I applied a second coat of mascara and my brown eyes looked much bigger. As I heard the clock chime eleven, I reached out to get my lucky bracelet and ran to reach the rest of the girls.
I felt a faint touch on my left shoulder, and found Claudia staring at me with her yellowish eyes that made her look even madder. She was definitely unstable but even so, she was a nice girl.
“Justin’s looking at you; Again.” She said as she giggled and walked off.
If she knew, I thought as my mind went back to the secret tears, secret hugs, and a couple of secret kisses. I knew him better than anyone.

Sneaking out in the dark, reminded me of the late nights looking after Dad, dragging him out of the bar and finding a supermarket open at one o’clock in the morning to get him what he wanted or needed.
I dragged myself out of the tiny bathroom window to find wet mud under my shoes. I started to run like everyone else, to our one and only night of freedom. At midnight, we were all to go to the old cemetery on the hill. Before then, we each had to get stuff for the party. David had to get the drinks, Veronica, Jo and Cathy the food, and so on.
I was in charge of getting of getting the music, some kind of I-pod or something.


I'm in boot camp. I first started off being cheeky; that’s when I got kicked out of my first school. Second school, got kicked out for stealing. Third school, got kicked out for fighting. That was my last chance so now they have sent me to America.
I have got a best friend called Jenny. She’s twelve years old just like me.
This boot camp stinks. Everyday you have to scrub the plates, tidy up everywhere. It’s not fair because the councillors never do anything except for reading the newspaper.
My parents say that I take after them because they have been in prison seven times. I've hated all my schools. I've never been happy at any if them. If I don’t like it I just try to get kicked out.
I can't wait for tonight because all the girls and boys have got a plan and we are going to escape from this dump.
I had to get started with my outfit. I wanted to be a witch. I sneaked and got Kim's mascara, eye-liner, black lip gloss and black eye-shadow. I put it all on and got my black dress and purple belt. I sneaked Kim's make-up back. Then I just had to steal a broomstick so I grabbed the broomstick that I saw first. Now everything fitted me. Trixie is going to be a witch and act like a witch!
Me and Jenny have got a plan we are going to try and get some cigarettes.


´´Come on! Cheer up! We’re going to a party not to a funeral Karen...´´I said. ´´My cousin Penny has invited me and let me take a friend with me, so I’ve chosen you! .Please come...I beg you...´´. ´´Ok,” said Karen and I went downstairs to get something to take to the party.
´´Oh no! I forgot to tell you! We have to wear a costume.´´ We quickly picked out a few snacks from the cupboard, got our money and set off to the costume shop. We entered the shop.
BOO! AHHH! Stupid shopkeeper. He bought a new door bell for entering the shop!
We’ve chosen our costume and set off to the party even though our parents think we are trick or treating down town.


Yuck! I just trod in a bag of melted sweets and chocolate!!
Oh look! Is that Cindy and Karen dressed as vampires?
-Hey Cindy! Wait a moment! Where are you going?
-Nothing to do with you! Bye!
Why was she so horrible to me? Maybe it’s because I nicked her food at school the other day....
-Hi John, cool mask! Where are you going?
- Hey Oscar, nowhere. Let’s follow Cindy and Karen. Where did they say they were going?
-I don’t know, but they’ve got lots of bags. OK let’s follow them.


We arrived at the guard house, ready to take 'em all down, only to find they were ALREADY unconscious. There was something wrong with them, they were too still, so I checked one for a pulse, but when I touched the guards throat I felt something warm, and sticky... blood?
"Weird." I thought, absentmindedly wiping it on his shirt "I'll find out who did it later.
Don't look the gift horse in the mouth as they say (they being idiots). Besides, once I find
out who did this there'll be plenty of time for mouth looking and rearranging, heh heh heh".
But all my friends heard was the chuckle, making them think I was PLEASED I didn't have to deal with the guards, so to make sure they didn't think I was going soft I broke Lock's nose and left him to bleed with the unconscious counsellors (who I stabbed a bit).
And so we walked out of Bery’s School for Troubled Youths, or in other words a Junior Prison/School.
We’d agreed with the sluts to meet up in the graveyard at midnight, and (since we had time to spare), I thought it would be fun to hit the shops (and hit the shopkeepers), so we
entered the first seven eleven on our path.
There was some kid , about eighteen, behind the counter who’s eyes flickered to the
obviously fake security cameras, probably wishing his boss had gotten the real deal, or
better yet, a shotgun.
“We’ll take some Vodka, Jack Daniels, Southern Comfort, Black Vodka, basic beer and all the money in the till,” I said pulling my scissors out. Well, they used to be scissors, but after I stole them from shop class and removed the screw, they were a pair of very effective and rusty knives, known and feared all over the school.
We made short work of the guy behind the counter, and took his phone so he wouldn’t call the cops, then found a hobo under a bridge, and, in a scene very reminiscent of “A Clockwork Orange”, beat him half to death, with the mark of my scissors over his face.
Klunker, a new guy to the group, big guy, said “You like them things so much, maybe we
should call you “Scissors”, huh?” But before he could further argue the values of such a
nickname, I plunged one of my blades in into Klunker’s arm, and twisted, bringing him to his knees so I could hiss into his ear: “My name is Jackie Jeems.”
I pulled the blood covered blade out, spun it on my index finger and said, to the whole
gang: “And nobody forget that!”


After we saw what Jackie did, we decided to go through the old abandoned fair.
"Come on Jesse"
"Coming" he said while staring at Klunker’s wound. I grabbed the back of his collar and started walking towards the fair. As we started walking through the rusty old creaky gates
we heard a soft groaning coming from the clown-house.
"Let's not go that way." said Jesse
We decided to go through the mirror house. So if someone was coming, we could tell. As we were reaching the end I said
"We’re almost there Jesse. Jesse? Where are you?"
"If you don’t hurry, we’re going to be late . OK, I’m going. "
But just as I was about to step out, I heard a piercing scream .




I saw a figure moving in the darkness of the mirror house.
"Jesse, is that you?"
"Jesse is gone," said a whispering voice.
"Yeah, whatever, I'm going, see you at the party."
Then all of a sudden, red eyes started glowing in the mirror house. But something was wrong. There was no reflection.
I ran as fast as I could. I was lucky it was full moon so I could see to run very fast. I stumbled and fell, but I kept running.
Finally I arrived at the cemetery and saw Jesse again. My head started hurting from thinking. It didn't make any sense; I beat Jesse at every race. I decided to walk up to him
his eyes weren't glowing.
"What happened to you?"
Jesse gave me a creepy grin and turned away.


We had decided to meet in the cemetery, not long before midnight. Me and Justin. So before then, I had to get into a nearby house to get the music. It seemed like a never ending walk.
I paced behind bushes and cars. At the end of one of the roads, I saw a family come out of the gate laughing and smiling. Tears trickled a long my cheeks as I ran across the road when their car was lost in the darkness. I turned the gate handle, and it squeaked enough for me to jump. I ran up the stairs looking for somewhere to get in. There was a little window that looked into a dark living room, but I could still see shapes. A sofa, a television, a cabinet and some objects on top of it. One in particular caught my attention. It looked like a locket, very similar to the one Mum used to wear. Curiosity was making me force the window open, climb in and brush my fingers over the cold silver. Even in the dark I recognized it. The flower with heart shaped petals and a long silver chain holding on to it, so it would never fall, never be alone. The exact same words she had pronounced seven years ago, only days before she left.
“What’s this doing here?” I thought as my heart ripped into even more pieces. I reached out to turn on the lamp. All around the room, photographs, smiles, hugs, kisses. I was only able to recognize Mum in the photo she showed me many times.
“Good times” She used to say as she would excuse herself. In the rest of the collection she hadn’t changed much at first glance, but up close she was a whole new person. My tears became bigger as I picked up a silver frame; A little girl, sitting on a big chair, but not as big as her smile; Her typical short hair, and messy eyebrows, her stained yellow dress, her worn out boots. Me. Hardly seeing, with my vision splashed in tears, I ripped into tiny pieces the photo, nearly as tiny as the pieces of my heart.
Pulling myself together, I found some kind of silky tissue and dried the tears. Funnily enough, there was an I-pod lying on the sofa. I snatched it and kicked the first thing I saw, in this case, the lamp. It landed so hard, the light bulb smashed. Well, it’s not the first thing, or last, to be broken tonight, I thought as I jumped out of the window again.

John and I walked along talking about different stuff when suddenly
'Oscar, did you hear that?'
'Yes, let’s run!'
'Hey stop, look there!'
'There! There’s a girl bleeding on the road, let’s help her!'
'Hey are you OK?' I asked.
'Shut up, can’t you see she’s unconscious ... We’d better call an ambulance. Do you know the number?'
''Yes, I'm trying but there isn’t any cover.'
'OK, OK Oscar, stop shouting! What about going to that house over there?'
We carried the girl over to the house and I pressed the doorbell but nothing happened for a while, then a light went on and a very attractive woman dressed as a vampire opened the door. We told her what had happened and she said that the girl was her daughter, but it was kind of strange because the girl had brown hair and eyes, and she had dark skin. That woman didn’t look anything like her and she was far too young to be her mum. But we didn’t know what else to do, so we left the girl there and began to look around to see if Cindy and Karen were still there but they weren’t. We started walking back home, but the problem was that we didn’t know the way.
Suddenly, I felt a really cold hand touch me and for some reason I couldn't breathe.
'John! John!'
He didn’t reply. I shouted louder, but nothing. A voice I didn't recognise said.
'Hey! Why are you shouting .. are you lost?'
I didn’t know what to say...
I didn't know who I was talking to.
'No,' I said
'Well why are you so scared then?'
'It doesn't matter ...There is a really cool party in the cemetery down this road, Want to come?' He said in a sinister voice.
'Em ... OK.'
He turned round and I remembered to breathe again, those moments were really strange because when I had his cold hand on my shoulder, I could not move.

I could hear a woman talking to someone so I turned around. There were two really tall and scary looking people.
Then I heard John’s voice, so I turned around again and asked him:
'Where have you been all this time?'
'Right next to you!'
'That sounds really strange because I didn’t see you!'
He had a scary look. I felt he wanted to eat me so I quickly started running as fast as I could...


We’re taking a shortcut under the bridge,
“Ahhh! “ We both screamed and covered each other´s mouths.
“Oh my god!” We both whispered to each other. “He´s sOoO cute! I think his name is Jackie Jeems.”
“ Ahhh! “We both screamed and covered each other’s mouths. “Oh my god!” We shouted this time.
There was a boy with blood running from a big gash on his arm and his bones were disgustingly visible.
“What happened?” we asked the boy with shaky voices, hardly understandable. The boy, in agony could hardly move his arm or talk, so he put all his effort into pointing at Jackie Jeems´ retreating figure
Totally frightened, we bandaged up the man in agony’s arm. We all walked towards the party.


I stood next to the bins, as I waited for the door to my old home to open.
“Hi Jo”
I bent down to see my little sister already in front of me.
“Andy!” I said as I picked her up and hugged her.
“You’re very pale “I noticed as her eyes met with mine. “What’s up with your eyes, babe?
Her normal faded sky colour had turned into a dark sea.
“It’s a secret” She said as she smiled.
“Oh. Really?” I asked as I held her hand and started to walk, already forgetting.

Still feeling high after the amount of wine they forced down my throat, I managed to find the right key to get us in.
“I’ll be up in a sec,” I had said to my family, as I went to check the messages on the phone.
I reached out in the dark to find a dark space where the lamp should have been. Finally I turned the main light, to see the lamp smashed on the floor. Too drunk to pick it up, I stumbled over to the cabinet. A photo, ripped into a million pieces. On the sofa, my silk scarf, bathed in tears.
“Kimberly” I said in a breath as I became aware of a second presence in the room. Wine was poured all over my dress.


I switched the I-pod on to check the music selection, only to find the battery low.
“Damn!” I shouted as I threw it on the road. Well, I was going to be punished anyway. I started to walk towards the cemetery. I was surprised to only meet a couple of groups on my way.
A low song came from behind a bush nearby. A small radio was turned on. I scooped the object off of the floor insecure and turned it off. I was relieved to see Justin’s blond hair moving with the wind.
I ran up the hill has he lifted his head and waved. He looked…different, I thought and sat down on the grass next to him, taking his hand.
“Hey” We both said in a whisper. Surprisingly he was warm, nearly hot. I cuddled up to him at the same time as I heard voices coming from above. The cemetery

Jenny said ‘I´ll stay here, you run to the supermarket. Don't worry I'll come.’ So I ran and ran. I thought I heard some screaming but I ran to the shop quickly. Jenny was already there!
'How did you get here, there is no short-cut?' I asked.
'Never mind lets just get in the shop,' said Jenny.
The shop lady said 'Hello children, what may I get for you?' Jenny whispered in my ear 'Look round the supermarket.' I did what I was told. I heard a screaming again but a women screaming this time. I came back to where Jenny was standing. The shop lady was lying on the floor and blood dribbled from her chest.
'Did you kill her?' I asked horrified.
'Shut up and get the cigarettes.' I got all the boxes and put them in my bag and we ran together.


We looked at each other for a moment before getting up and starting walking.
Half relieved, we saw it was Jackie and his friends. Automatically, we separated our hands, but it was too late, they had already seen us.
“Wow, Justin, nice one”
“Do you mind sharing her?”
And so on. Stupid comments mixed with clapping and laughter. Idiots, I thought as the colour of my cheeks slowly turned back to normal. I felt happy to see Jo with her little sister she always talked about. We walked over to her. After a couple of minutes, Jo asked about Lorna.
“I thought she was with you” I said surprised.
“No, she was with Penny and I met her on the way. She said she was looking for you. She seemed pretty …high. Maybe she had a bit of fun, if you know what I mean.” She said as she chuckled and continued braiding Andy’s hair, but the girl’s eyes were stuck on the fire.
“Is Andy afraid of the fire?” Justin asked like if he had read my mind. He didn’t seem fond of the fire either.
“Well, yes, I think.” Jo answered.
I got worried as I saw all those kids having fun, while Lorna was still missing. I whispered to Justin that I wanted to look for her, and he agreed to come with me.
“I’ve got to show you something anyway” He said.
No one stopped us as we went. Everything happened in an instant. A scream from far, the clouds moving and leaving the moon exposed and Justin fell on the grass with pain.
“Justin?” I asked as I bent over to him.
“I’m sorry” He said as he pushed me away.

By the time we reached the graveyard them kids who were following us around, Jordan and Jesse I think (haven’t given them nicknames yet) had abandoned my group and were talking about going to the fair, I’ll teach them a lesson later, right now we prepare for the party
“Pinhead!” I called out “Set up a table somewhere.” I waited for his response, but none
came. “Pinhead you son of a bitch, set up the goddamn table!”


I heard Jackie’s yelling in the distance, I tried to answer but the stranger’s hand was
clamped too tightly over my mouth, and only one thought crossed my mind: “Oh god, I’m gonna get raped!” Then my neck started hurting.
I heard Jackie's voice as if from a distance 'Ah, someone else can set up the table.'


By twelve thirty we had the party going properly, with everyone either writhing to the music of an old radio, or pouring various alcohols down their gullets. I just stood by the
bonfire, not that it could be called a proper bonfire (It barely reached my waist) and
then had an idea.
“Hey guys!” I called to them “Get over here!”
They stumbled towards me, already drunk and each with a date in tow.
“What is it Jackie?” Asked Boots, with a giggling girl held by the waist (She stopped
giggling when she caught my eye).
“You lot” I said “Should jump over the fire.”
They looked nervous until I accused them of being scared, then I couldn’t have stopped them even if I’d wanted to.
We were getting a small crowd when I saw Jordan and Jesse (still haven’t got a nickname for ‘em) from across the fire.
“Hey, you two!” I yelled “Get over here!”


"Well, at least we made it to the party safe and sound." I thought.
Suddenly a flicker of fire caught my eye. I saw the older kids jumping over it.
"Let's go" I said to Jesse, pointing at the fire.
There was a glint of fear in his eyes. We joined the crowd and watched Jackie's friends jump over the fire.
"Hey you two!" shouted Jackie. "Get over here".
We walked up to him, while I pretended not to be scared
"You want to be in my gang?" he asked in an unfriendly way. I nodded excitedly. Jesse just seemed to stare. Jackie told us to jump over the fire.
"We will do it" I said. Immediately, I got up, ran and jumped over easily. Jesse just stood there. Jackie shouted that if Jesse didn't jump, we wouldn't get in.
"C'mon Jesse" I said encouragingly. He wouldn't do it.


I was already dressed as a witch. I thought I was quite cool at first. But now everyone was really, really cool, especially Kim. I love those shoes that Kim has got on
They are All Stars. I was just wearing my black muddy trainers. Everybody looks so glamorous.
We are in the cemetery.
I feel so grown up to be with older cool people. Jenny had a wow face as well.
But I have noticed something about Jenny. She's always got a funny look on her face and her teeth look very pointy. I thought maybe she was a vampire but vampires don't exist.(well that is what I think). But whenever Jenny says that I should go then I always hear a scream but like a dying screaming. Since I met Jenny everything has gone weird.
We're in the cemetery now but only some of us. Jackie was starting to get mad and impatient. Some people were late.
Kim and Justin left to look for Lorna. Me and Jenny were starting to get scared of Jackie's temper so we hid behind a Gravestone. Jenny got bored after a few minutes she said that she was very, very hungry. She showed off her pointy teeth. Then she said, 'Close your eyes.' I did what I was told to do. Jenny put her hands over my neck and got a grip and sank her teeth into my skin and sucked my blood. I fell down to the ground and passed out for a while. Then I woke up and discovered I had very sharp teeth. Jenny came and said. You’re a vampire as well now.

They stood in front of me, trying to pretend they weren’t scared, or at least Jordan was,
Jesse didn’t seem to care (I’ll put him in his place).
“You wanna be in my gang?” I asked mockingly. Jordan nodded like the bitch he is, Jesse just stared. “Then jump over the fire.”
“We’ll do it!” Said Jordan, a bit too quickly.
Immediately he made a running jump and cleared the fire.
“Damn it!” I thought. I was about to yell something when I realised Jesse was standing stock still.
“Come on Jesse! You both have to do it if you want in!” I laughed a bit, but he still
wouldn’t budge. Jordan tried to encourage him, but that didn’t work either. By now I was
bored and irritated, so I gave Jesse a good push onto the fire. I didn’t realise he would
burn so quickly, but it was hilarious watching him scream, roll off the fire, and scream some more, while charred lumps of flesh fell off him. He was soon reduced to a burnt skeleton, but that too crumbled to dust.


I blinked once, and it had all changed. A wolf was standing in the same place Justin had been two seconds ago. I turned around, looking for him, trying to pretend I didn’t know he was right in front of me. Slowly he lifted his head and stepped ahead. Something told me it was better to stay still. Blond hair brushed my naked legs and a tongue licked my shaking hand. I kneeled down to look into his eyes. They were green, with the left one that had a black line crossing it. Definitely it was Justin.
“What’s happened to you?” I asked with a tear running along my right cheek.
He shook his head, to tell me not to worry. His eyes were hungry. Slowly I realized what he needed. I extended my left arm, but he shook his head again. Such a beautiful animal, I thought.
A new idea crossed my mind. I had seen this enough times on films to know how it had to be done. A ray of moonlight shone on my neck, and Justin understood my wish.
A trickle of sweat ran across my forehead. I lifted my hand to touch his paw, just as his teeth sunk into my neck flesh. A scream came to my throat, but I swallowed it and waited for the pain to go. It seemed ages before Justin’s eyes were back staring into mine. An enormous ache started in my arms and my legs. My wolf stepped away as I started to transform. My last sight was another wolf running to us.

All of them followed me. I ran as fast as I could for a few minutes and then I realised that it was only John following me. I ran across the road in front of a white car and when I got to the pavement I heard a really loud noise followed with a ‘A woo!!.’ It sounded like a wolf ... I turned around and saw the car run over John. The car stopped and two men got out and looked at John, I heard one of them say:
'Oh my god he's dead!!!'
Suddenly John jumped up and looked at me with eyes like a devil, the men panicked and ran back to the car and drove off quickly. I turned to run too when I heard ‘Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa...aaa...!!!’
I looked round and saw a blonde wolf fighting with John ... I just ran.
I fell down and looked back John didn't have any hands, and the wolf’s mouth was full of blood. I ran again and I saw John's foot flying above me, so I stopped, I really didn't want to turn around and see my friend torn into pieces. The foot dropped to the ground and I kept running until I couldn't see or hear any more.


I turned and ran in absolute horror, even faster than before!
I saw a tall man with a long cloak and a matching hat. Tugging at his cloak I screamed at him for help. He turned towards me and hissed, showing me his red eyes in the street light. Pushing him away I ran blindly. I must have run round in a circle. I saw someone about my age about ten meters away and recognised her from camp. It was Trixie.
‘Hey! Trixie. Help….’

I felt like a kid that wakes up Sunday morning with a blanket and a smile on his face; A happy feeling. Warm.
I opened my eyes, as I tried to remember what had happened. I thought I was still dreaming, mainly because there were two wolves in front of me, and everything around me was black, white or grey. I lowered my eyes, to make sure. Yes, I was covered on black fur.
"Finally" A male voice said in my head.
I tried to scream, but a howl was all that came out of my mouth.
"Oh ,shut up" I recognized this voice, and it felt good.
"Justin?" I tried to ask my in my head.
" Yes, I'm here. Are you alright?" he asked and walked over to me. I caught his scent easily. I knew he smelt good, but I had never noticed.
"When the love-birds finish, WE'VE GOT SOME VAMPIRES TO KILL," screamed the unfamiliar voice, ending with laughter.
"If you have no patience, why did you change us? To take your anger out on us?"
"I only wanted you. She's just like... a pretty picture."
"Would you like to see a picture bite your head off?" I asked as I jumped out but Justin
was already pulling me back.
"I'm sorry Kim, no need to listen to that. Do you recognize him?" I shook my head. " He's the boys’ monitor. I don't think you ever had a chance to talk to him. Better."
"You ungrateful kid! I offer you protection and a long life, and you treat me like this. Well, I'm leaving for some killing; See ya!" said the greyish wolf.
"He bit you?" I asked just after the other one left.
"Yes." He thought for a moment. "Kim, I'm sorry. I should never have bitten you, it was a big mista…..’
"Justin, shut up. This is the best thing ever. We'll probably live together forever or something. Anyway, I'm hungry. What do we eat?"
He chuckled as he told me we could eat anything, but we were made to eat vampires’ meat.
"This is seriously weird; Vampires, werewolves, what else?" I asked very interested.
"I really don't know. I haven't been like this that much more than you; Only a couple of days."
A question flew away as the grey wolf came running back. His mouth full what smelled like blood and his eyes shinning.
"You wanna have a feast?" He said as he ran off. Not far away, a land full of dead vampires and ‘live’ ones fighting for there lives.
We got there, and to surprise me, it smelled really tasty.
Justin explained vampire flesh smelled to us like our favourite food or something like that.
I lifted my eyes to glance at the pale skinned figure fighting against the wolf.
A woman was falling, slowly enough for me to see her face. I walked over to the place she laid. Mum. Her eyes were wet and she was smiling.
“I’m so…”
I recoiled in horror as I saw her vampire teeth.
I halted her sentence by hitting her about the face, my long nails leaving deep cuts.
Justin came over and made me follow him. In front of us, a hungry vampire, and a terrified human, running for his life. Justin jumped straight away on to the vampire, and started tearing him apart.
The smell was so good, I had to help. After that, the next few hours were basically the same. Save, kill, eat; save, kill, eat ; save, kill, eat;…


I didn’t feel so scared of Jenny now. I had this strange desire to bite somebody. I grabbed this boy from camp, took a deep breath and got my spiky teeth and sucked and sucked a bit too much of his blood. Mmm it is just like eating chocolate this is lovely.
When we woke up there were loads of dead bodies, police walking around, police cars, flashing lights…..
Then two policemen came over to us. Jenny whispered in my ear quickly “Cry.” So that’s what I did. We both cried. Then the police said:
“Oh, my! Poor darlings.”
Then one policeman said to the other, “Here, let’s get these two little girls away from here.”
Jenny and I smiled secretly to each other as they gently led us away.


The next couple of hours were… funny. Not funny ha ha, funny weird. Well, also funny ha ha, especially the killing, oh god, the killing!
When Jesse died, everyone panicked, don’t know why, he had only been cremated alive (by me), but the idiots just ran, right into the clutches of the vampires surrounding the graveyard.
Why were vampires attacking a small town like this? No idea. Possibly it was to be a stepping stone to a full out invasion, all I knew at the time was that tall, imposing strangers were closing in.
“Shit! The cops!” I yelled, that got the stragglers of my gang running, but one of the figures came up to me with a look of hunger in his eyes, and I recognised him as the counsellor whose pulse I’d checked earlier. So I jammed one of my scissors in his ear.
He recoiled in pain, but did not fall over, so my other blade went into his eye, but he did not die. In desperation, I stabbed him in the chest with the toothpicks from the table. That worked. I pulled my blades out of him, and was surprised to find no blood, but I didn’t let that distract me, as more of them were coming.
What ensued was an orgy of violence, death and blood, served up by yours truly on cocktail sticks, with a side order of garlic dip from the table.
Then the werewolves arrived, I got a couple of them with the silver plated cutlery Klunker had insisted on stealing, and I found out that fire kills anything.
In short, it was a very violent, very fun, night. The time of my life, you might say.
It ended when the sun came up, but plenty of werewolves and vampires escaped: A couple of wolves slinked away into the forest, a pair of vampy girls sweet talked their way from the cops,… If I’m gonna end ‘em all, I’ve got my work… cut out for me, heh?
‘Jackie Jeems: Monster Slayer.’
‘Got a nice ring to it.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Competition Time! - 'Spooktacular Night'

The junior writing group, who meet regularly on Saturday mornings in Costa Teguise, have recently finished an unusual writing project. All the members collaborated in producing one story under the 'working title' of 'Spooktacular Night'.
What we have not agreed on is a final title and we want you to read the story and send in your suggestions.
The sender of the best suggestion will win a book token redeemable at the Book Shop in Costa Teguise.
Entries to The Gazette by the end of March 2010.

If you think you might enjoy our group and would like to know more about the Junior Writing Group (or the adult goup, which meet on Friday mornings) please contact Sue on 630 751 106 or ask at The Book Shop, Costa Teguise.


Welcome to the new website for Creative Writing Lanzarote. Please feel free to comment and if you would like your own space on the web to write your musings just ask at the next writing group meeting and we will sort it out for you. For now, this is the first post but check back as often as you can to see how things progress.