Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I thought it would be nice to introduce some of the members of the writing groups and their work starting with the junior group. Jasper, who writes excellent dialogue and brings a great sense of humour to much of his work, was interviewed by nine year old Davina for a magazine style article:


Today we’re going to interview 16 year old film director Jasper.

How many films have you published?
I have published approximately eight or nine films.

How many competitions have you entered?
I have entered four but have only been successful in three.

What did you receive for those competitions?
So far all of the prizes have been one thousand Euros.

Have you joined any theatre societies?
I have joined LADS.

What is LADS?
LADS stands for The Lanzarote Amateur Dramatic Society, a theatre group.

Do you want to continue this profession when you grow up?
I want to be a writer, director….thingy. Videogame production,
would figure somewhere.

What sorts of genre are your films?
My films are usually comedy but for a change I make dramatic films.

What stories do you enjoy?
Lets see…comedy ones but also ones that make serious questions
about morality and the difference between good and evil.


By Davina Thomas

To view Jasper’s videos go online to You Tube and you’ll find them under the username Shakibone.


Whilst we were working on magazine articles ten year old Jessica wrote a piece for a sports page telling us about some local sports which are popular here on Lanzarote:

In most schools on the island the pupils play El Quemado. In break time El Quemado has become the most popular game in Lanzarote,.How do you play el Quemado?
There are two teams.
There is a ball in the game and you eliminate somebody if they get hit with the ball.
This game you play at school in break times and you have tournaments within the school and against other schools.
Each school wears their appropriate uniform.

Canarian wrestling (Lucha Canaria) probably originated in Morocco and was brought to the Canary Islands in the 14th century.

The game takes place in a large ring filled with sand called a Terrero. There are two teams consisting of twelve wrestlers per team.

Each player wrestles barefoot and wears shorts and a shirt.

The object of the game is to wrestle you opponent so part of his body other than his feet touches the ground. A player has to win two fights to win the bout.

The match ends when all the members of a team have been defeated.


The next piece is a short story by Holly written in twenty minutes, during a session of the writing group, from scratch. After a Brain Teaser involving anagrams the members chose a title, from the answers they had found in the puzzle as stimulus for a short story.

Holly chose 'Morse Code.'

The dull, continuous sound of the water dripping onto the rocks...the occasional clacking of the pebbles sliding down...the rare, booming silence...factors which were provoking the disruption of Will's sanity.
Suddenly, a rock rolled into his open hand. An unexpected thought. Hours he had been alone in the tunnel, the precious minutes ticking by on his wrist-watch and he could do nothing to stop it. With all his gear lost and a broken leg, he had had no choice but to lie there, helpless and trapped. Whilst he had been exploring with his team, he had gotten caved in, after getting split up from them. And now, a glimmer of hope. Morse code.
He rolled onto his side, propped himself up with his elbow and dragged himself pathetically over to the wall of the tunnel. He gripped the rock tighter, pulled his hand back and thrust forward, letting the rock smash on the wall. The loud crack sounded in the tunnel, setting off a chain of echoes further down. Morse code. Echoes. He laughed. In the empty tunnel it sounded on the verge of hysteria. But he didn't care. He had hope. He was going to make it.
He started to bang rhythmically on the wall, spelling three letters in Morse code. S.O.S.

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