Tuesday, November 9, 2010

News and suggestions for resuming sessions of the writing group.

November 2010

After an enforced absence of several months, due to medical treatment in UK, I am back on the island for three weeks. I have to return to UK but will be back in Lanzarote for Christmas.

Creative Writing Group

Would any of the group like to come to a few sessions between now and Christmas? We could meet on 12 November, 19 November and 17 December and even 24 December (although I expect people might be too busy preparing for Christmas on 24th). We could then probably start back on 7 January and continue until I have to return to UK for the next stage of treatment, for which, as yet, I do not have a date.

Sandie returns to the island this week and is keen to meet up and see everyone either for writing or socially. Ann and Jim hope to return asap after their daughter’s visit (She is there now) so Ann may join us.

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