Tuesday, September 6, 2011

World Book Night

I am curious to know if any of the free books from World Book Night have found their way to my usual base of operations, Lanzarote.
There were one million books given away free in a party atmosphere all over UK and Ireland in 5 March 2011, two days after World Book Day. The specially produced books, 25 titles, are clearly identified as coming from the event and the idea was to encourage reading. Readers were asked to share and pass on the books. I was a recipient through the hospital library in Bolton where I joined the Six Book Challenge earlier this year, when I also received a free book!. I have passed my book to Ann, who like me is a member of READ (Read Enjoy And Discuss) the Book Club founded by Rita from the Book Shop in Costa Teguise. It will be passed on but do let me know if there are others out there for us to share. I had already read ten of the chosen books, now eleven, and there are a couple more that I have added to my list. If you are interested type 'million book give away' into google. If you want to write you need readers. Three cheers for this and any initiative that encourages a love of books.
Here's what Sarah Broadhurst, one of the givers on World Book Night, had to say:

"I am sure we can all tell some wonderful tales about last Saturday’s WBN, but here is mine. I decided to give away Lee Child’s Killing Floor because my chosen site was the local pub. I wanted to encourage all those skittle/darts/pool players, those who chew the cud at the bar and those who pop out on a Saturday night for a bite to eat in the pub, to rediscover the joy of reading. Boy did I achieve!

I put a poster up in the local shop, notice board, village hall and the pub itself and I wrote a bit for the local paper. But because I am in the trade I thought I would take the opportunity to share a great deal more than just Lee Child and I took nearly 200 proof copies of books, going back for years, down to the pub with me. I came home with a dozen books. The pub buzzed, I am surprised we didn’t drink it dry. Folk came from all over and I did indeed press Killing Floor into the hands of some very bemused lads who then started talking books, reminiscing about their GCSE, one even recited some Wilfred Owen! Most admitted they hadn’t read a book since leaving school, most promised they now would.

One million books were given away that night. I was proud to be part of the inaugural event and if the publishing industry repeats it I shall apply again. If not, most of us readers in the pub promised to meet same time, same place, next year and bring at least ten books each from our shelves at home to share with others. World Book Night now is born, we must keep it alive."

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