Saturday, December 22, 2012

We finished the year with a summary of the last few weeks, followed by a piece of writing with a Christmas/gifts/shopping theme and an opportunity to identify the type of openings we were being asked to choose between. Bearing in mind that one of our aims is to have fun, we had a round of 'Scattergories' followed by lunch at La Tabla. 
Thanks to all the members of the group who have faithfully turned out so regularly this year. It has been a pleasure to welcome Jim back and to meet new members Liz and May.
Seasons Greetings and A Happy New Year to all.

Creative Writing December 2012

Take a moment to cast your mind back over some of the topics we have covered:
Try to include interesting 'General Knowledge' where appropriate, but get your facts right. People like to think, 'I never knew that!' now and again as long as it isn't too contrived or pompous.
Think about creating atmosphere through the setting, the vocabulary, dialogue, language that is appropriate to the time and place.
Use quotes sparingly but to good effect to make the reader feel 'at home/comfortable' with familiar expressions and, eponyms or well known catch phrases but remember that they cannot be too 'local'. They need to be universally recognised.
It can make a piece interesting if there is the odd unusual word occasionally. Subconsciously readers may be made to feel good if they work it out from context or virtuous if they are sufficiently intrigued to look it up!
Draw the reader in quickly with an interesting opening sentence or paragraph and keep their interest by making your writing lively: using varied and expressive verbs of movement and speech can help. Try to use punctuation effectively and do not be afraid to use either long or short sentences. Both have their place.
Having assimilated all of the above in the last few weeks, and much more over time, you do not need to think consciously about it while you are writing. Hopefully you will recognise some of the techniques and examples of good practice when you read or edit your work.

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